April 21, 2010

favorite jeans


lately, i've been loving these jeans. they are by a brand i had never had (or even heard of) before called blank. they're boyfriend jeans but they are still fitted. they are also ripped which gives them a 'i don't care' vibe but above one of the rips, there is a string a rhinestones which makes them so unique. perfect weekend jeans. if you're anything like me, finding a good pair of jeans is a real rarity so these are a real treat. in general, this is my casual, go-to outfit: a sweater, tank, ripped jeans and moccasins. it's comfy but cute and perfect for weekend errands and chilling out. so if you excuse me, i'm busy chilling out in my cute jeans
Marta C. said...

Hayley!!! Thank you :)
I'm the girl with the striped sweater and the scarf hahaha
My real blog it's http://maggiebrittplace.blogspot.com the other is with my best friend but a don't make new posts very often... So, I hope you follow me in my real blog :)
Your jeans are so beautiful, I really love yout casual outfit hahaha!!
Hugs from Spain :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love a good pair of jeans. You look cute cute cute.

heroine temptation said...

really nice outfit and beautiful picture
love your blog
i follow you
please follow me back
xoxo natalia


Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

good jeans are always so great to find! These look super cool, and I really like your necklace and the color of your sweater. You have a really pretty smile too, by the way! :)

heroine temptation said...

i follow you too girl thanks so much
love ya

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