April 7, 2010

red dirt girl


song: Red Dirt Girl by Emmylou Harris




so i finally had a new blog shoot with my best friend kayla! i'm on spring break (glory hallelujah) and i've had a nice break so far. everyday has been full of sleeping in and relaxing, something i rarely experience during school! my inspiration for this outfit was centered around this amazing coral necklace that I bough a few summers ago while training with the joffrey ballet. it's so unique and simple and it's always fun to wear something with a story behind it

dress: target
sweater: thrifted
boots: dr. scholls
necklace: swapmeet in flint, michigan
jessica wu said...

i love the relaxed feeling of this outfit. the necklace is adorable, and OMG joffrey ballet!!!


Hope-Fashion Narcotics said...

I love the juxtoposition of the tough western boots with the light ethreal quality of the cardigan. Also your hair is a fantastic colour.
I am doing a shoot of my own tomorrow, I hope it goes this well.

Lily said...

you look amazing!
i follow you!,xxx

Annie said...

I love the dress and the boots together, very pretty and natural :)

Cassie Nafziger said...

Cute dress and boots--I totally have a cardigan that looks like that! Actually, I have 2 & I love them soooo much even though I probably look like a little granny in them, lol. I need to find a cute little dress to wear them with--this is adorable!

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