April 28, 2010

smile like you mean it


smile like you mean it by The Killers




tank: target
skirt: thrifted
sweater: j. crew
boots: urban outfitters
necklace: j. crew

i know i haven't been blogging as much as usual... these past few weeks have been crazy with studying and preparing for my AP art history and language exams. i'm nervous just writing about it! do any of you have AP exams?

ps: thank you for those of you who have been consistently reading this blog! it really means the world to me! i'll start to blog more once these dang tests are over... and only 43 more days till i get my nikon D5000!

also, thank you so much to jessica from Fascination Drop for this award! jess's blog is such an inspiration to me and she's going to really go places

i give this award to these others great fashion bloggers
jay from For August
marta from MaggieBrittPlace

love you guys!
FashionFreak said...

Oh my gosh!You are so beautiful!
I love your cardi and your shoes.


sarah said...

i love the necklace

mademoisellehannah said...

I love your cardigan, the color is great!

I feel your pain. I'm taking the AP U.S. History test on Friday and I'm going crazy studying for it! It will all be over in a week and a half, then we can breathe. ;)

Your blog is great, do you mind if I add it to my blogroll?

holly said...

gorgeous!! Want to exchange links? :)

Kayleigh Ann said...

Hey, i love your boots, and your so pretty!

nice blog :)

Kayleigh x


MaryWhitney said...

You are soo cute *.* I absolutely love your boots and your neckland :D Amazing outfit darling
Much Love MaryWhitney



Macarena said...

lovely pictures!

mel said...

the most amazing shoes i've ever seen!


jessica wu said...

you're welcome!!!
i LOVE the boots :)
.. ehh i have AP euro next friday.. been studying as well ,
good luck!!


Diya said...

ps. when I was in high school I had like 9 AP/IB exams in 2 weeks and I literally went crazy!!!!


Diya said...

I loooove those boots (I've been looking for some flat ones)! this outfit's sooo cute and the colors are really well mixed together.


Cuca. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your boots...mmmm..I love them..Your blog is gorgeous I follow you :)

Cara said...

You're so very pretty! Thank you so much for finding my blog, I'm now following you!

Also, be sure to check out my first ever giveaway over at my blog! Would love for you to enter!


Lady of The Manor said...

Oh my, your blog is awesome!

And l have serious shoe envy about those boots....

So following you now :)

Olivia Isabella. said...

Thank you for your very flattering comment, it means so much :)
I love your mustard cardi.

LW said...

great boots! following :) x

GloriaJagger said...

omg i loveee the boots!!!

Izzy said...

thanks for following, following too now ;), urmm like a few days :/ love the blog btw, cute preppy style xx

Jessica Weingarten said...

Great outfit!
I've been lusting over those We Who See boots forever! I like the way you paired them with the yellow cardigan :)


Natalie said...

so cute! i love ur boots :)


Shelley Ann said...

i love the color of your sweater! so pretty!

Marcie said...

Love the cardigan. The color is awesome, and it looks very soft.


Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the sweet award! I will get it posted on my blog soon--I really, really appreciate it! I actually ended up going with 'The Wardrobe Wanderer' for my blog title, but I'm not sure what to do about the URL being 'whimsical wardrobe', lol..ah well.
Thanks again--you're so sweet!

Cassie Nafziger said...

I'm checkin' out your posts...going backwards, lol and I think this is by far my favorite outfit! Brown & this bright green are so perfect together and you wear them well my friend.

Much ♥

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