April 16, 2011

helplessness blues


from the title, it probably seems like i'm depressed. the excessive use of blue in my recent posts probably hasn't helped that assumption but i assure you i'm happy and good as ever! this color of turquoise blue is my new go-to color and it reminds me of summer days spend at the beach (which i will spend my remaining days of high school daydreaming about). this title refers to fleet foxes new brilliant album helplessness blues. if you have not listened to it, please do! it's so lovely and nostalgic and everything a sophomore album should be. my favorites on the album are the shrine / an argument and helplessness blues.

in other news, i scored this cute little necklace yesterday! i was on my senior class outing to knotts berry farm when i spotted it in one of the indian souvenir shops. it was love at first sight i tell you. since i bought it, i have taken it off only to sleep. so who cares if i didn't have enough money for lunch... that was ten dollars put to very good use


shirt: urban outfitters
shorts: goodwill
shoes: hole in the wall store in joshua tree
necklace: Indian store in knott's berry farm
prescription glasses: salt
nail color: turquoise and caicos by essie
Cassie Nafziger said...

Super cute outfit & I am in LOVE with those shoes!

Erin and Caroline said...

This is such a cute outfit! I'm in love with the shorts. :)

- Caroline (keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

Gina Michele said...

Great outfit and beautiful photography!

♥ Gina Michele

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