April 18, 2011

you remind me of home


today i went to the getty villa in malibu with my AP european history class. i really dig museums so it was a blast looking through though antiquity and sculptures aren't my favorite kinds of art (i'm more of a modern art kinda girl). we went to the beach before and it was as beautiful and peaceful as a beach should be beach that early in the morning. here are some pictures that document my time at the getty villa and nearby beach


you remind me of home by ben gibbard and andrew kenny


jacket: anne taylor loft
pants: forever 21 via goodwill
tshirt: target
shoes: j. crew
purse: kirkland via salvation army
necklace: my mom's from the 1960s
ring: getty villa gift shop
Erin and Caroline said...

Love your yellow pants! Original and adds a great amount of color to any outfit. =) And definitely if you find a great leather satchel-grab it! Because someone else will probably snatch it up later! Your satchel was a great find.

-Erin (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Love everything you have on here! You wear clothes so well!!

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