March 31, 2012


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life here is lovely
there is something about the changing of seasons that sheds new light on everything
and it feels so good

March 30, 2012

friday favorites: march


here are some of my favorites from the month of march i just had to post about

1. david's tea. i have always loved tea. i'll drink anything from black to green to white to herbal. when i discovered david's tea from elise's blog, i knew i had to try it. most of their locations are in canada but there are a two in new york city so when i was there a few weeks ago, i decided to try it. all i can say is i'm in love. its literally the best tea i've ever had and i love all the exotic flavors. my favorite is forever nuts (pictured). not to mention their store is so cute. crossing my fingers one comes to LA sometime in the near future.

2. origin's full story mascara. i used to be obsessed with mascara in high school. i would have 5 i regularly rotated and i would never go out of the house without it on. then my eyes got really sensitive to it and i couldn't wear it without my eyes tearing up. so i went a few years without it. for christmas, my cousin got me an origin's sampler kit and one day on a whim, i decided to try this mascara. i loved it. it wasn't clumpy but gave a natural look while still lengthening. and best of all, it didn't upset my eyes. this is definitely a new staple of my makeup routine.

3. storyhill's shade of the trees. i've been finding alot of new bands lately and this is by far my favorite. i love their 60s, folk vibe. my favorite song of theirs which i have been playing on repeat is world go round which unfortunately has no youtube presence so you will have to go on itunes to have a listen. all of their songs are lovely though and i'm so glad i found them.

4. macaroons. need i say more? while everyone was obsessing over cupcakes, i was in love with macaroons. seriously they are my favorite sweet treat because they are not overpowering and rich and heavy like cupcakes but they still satisfy my sweet tooth. i've tried them from alot of different bakeries but my favorite is definitely bouchon bakery. when i go home for easter break, i'm going to try to make them which i've heard is quite a challenge. until then, i'll admire recipes on pinterest.

5. jellycat stuffed animals. i have always had an obsession with bunny stuffed animals and jellycat's are my favorites. i got my first at anthropologie then, when i was in new york, i picked up a huge white bunny. seriously the cutest thing ever. seeing my collection around my dorm never ceases to put a smile on my face.

6. don't waste your life by john piper. this is my current read and i'm loving it. i have a thing for theological books and i've always been interested in piper's works which in my experience have either been a huge hit or a miss. i'm only a few chapters in but i've been enjoying every minute so far.

March 28, 2012

spring blossoms


its spring here in ohio and it is so much more beautiful than i ever could have imagined. in california, its green year around so when flowers start to bloom, its really not much of a change. but in cedarville, spring is radiant. i have especially fallen in love with the cherry blossom trees all around campus. they are just lovely and never cease to put a smile on my face. yay for spring!


March 26, 2012

new york, i love you

          {view from the empire state building}

          {colorful subway mural}

          {globe in columbus circle}

          {arch in washington square park}

          {record store near our hotel}

          {flowering trees in washington square park}

          {my favorite tea stop}

          {frozen hot chocolate from serendipity}

          {cafe in williamsburg}

          {our hotel}

          {garden shop}


          {cute street art}

          {pigeon with a great view}
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