June 28, 2012

cedarville the beautiful

i was looking through some old instax photos and i found these pictures i took on my last week at my college. looking at them made me miss college life: waking up every morning to edward sharpe with my roommate, walking to get coffee at the most random times, morning chapels, reading my bible by the lake, late nights in the art lab with amazingly talented people, the mile long walk into town to get decent food, having to schedule my every minute in order to be productive, being creative in cafeteria, baking to de-stress with the unit mates, way too much time wasted spent on pinterest, rain, rain and more rain, making playlists for normal tasks like walking to class and studying, dressing up for no reason, sunday church rides, exploring the ohio area when i had a chance (and a car), attending tennis matches to cheer on my roomie, learning new things everyday and everything else in-between. i was so blessed to spend a year at such a fantastic place with such fantastic people. the times i spent there were some of the best of my life, especially the last few weeks of school. though i know God has other things for me, i will always feel extremely blessed and thankful when i think of the friends and memories i made my freshman year of college.

Anonymous said...

This is so touching. Makes me want to go back to college. lovely remarks :))) and pictures.

Anonymous said...

You are a sweet girl...I can just tell! Love your blog:)

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