June 16, 2012

life in snapshots

00220006 photo 00220006.jpg
{our dining room at twilight}

for the past few weeks, i have been on an instagram hiatus (besides keeping up with my photo a day pictures on my personal account). i just love the freedom of not constantly having my iphone out to capture every moment and not feeling obligated to constantly check my instagram feed. i've also limited my time and posts on twitter and facebook. this summer, my goal is to live more organically with less technology and less distractions. that is probably why i find film photography so refreshing. i love the manual process, getting the settings just right and not being able to check and analyze the pictures afterwards. i've even learned to appreciate the days of waiting for my rolls to finally be developed. this summer my goal is to capture more moments and memories on film than with my iPhone.

00230025 photo 00230025.jpg
{birthday best}

00220004 photo 00220004.jpg
{my churches women's retreat}

{the best kind of day}

00220014 photo 00220014.jpg
{60th street beach}

00220016 photo 00220016.jpg

00220011 photo 00220011.jpg
{pretty friends at the beach}

00230011 photo 00230011.jpg
{succulent wreath my momma made}

00220012 photo 00220012.jpg
{feet in the sand}

{loving the daisies in our yard}
Katie Marie said...

LOVE that white dress! So pretty!

Lucy C. Holloway said...

love the succulent wreath! thanks for visiting my blog :) i will surely be back to yours! and yes, definitely try the nike+ app...it's great!

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