August 15, 2012

into the wild


if you know me at all, you probably know i love being out in nature. i love hiking and camping and anything i can do in the great outdoors. exploring in the fresh mountain air is so invigorating and freeing. though i tend to gravitate towards cities, i also love to recharge in nature. one of the best things about living in california is the close proximity from the cities and suburbs to nature. within a relatively short driving distance, you can be out in what seems like the middle of nowhere, whether it be the mountains, desert or beach. but after a nature recharge, its always nice to go back home.

Isa said...

I love hiking and walking around in "the wild nature" so much, too. It's relaxing to have no people around you for a while when you live in a big city usually :)

P.S.: I awarded you with "my liebster blog award" here Please take a look!

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