September 29, 2012


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i finally made it to australia! i'm here till saturday on an outreach trip with a few people from my school to work at a family camp on an island off melborne, to help around the local church and to see this beautiful country! even though getting here was a bit interesting (first time i've spent the night in an airport!), we made it here in one piece and we were greeted by sweet people, amazing food and the australian footie finals on tv, which btw is a game i didn't even know existed till we got here... i'm so out of the loop! so blessed to be in this gorgeous place so far from home and looking forward to an awesome week! remember to keep me and my outreach team in prayer! g'day, mate
//photos via flickr//
Anonymous said...

Praying to God for you and your friends to have good success and help in many ways.

Anonymous said...

G'day mate! Love that!

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