September 26, 2012

drinks and words


i've been consuming a lot of two very important things lately: books and caffeinated beverages. i thought i was tea obsessed in ohio but boy was i wrong. i must drink 5 cups a day now and it doesn't help that all my classes have mandatory half way breaks where everyone congregates in the kitchen to drink tea and chat. i'm usually a good earth spice or chai drinker but lately, i've been drinking more earl and lady grey (and feeling oh so british in the process). i've been drinking coffee quite often too and the discovery that it doesn't keep me up at night has just added to my consumption. i've been known to brew coffee at 10 at night and proceed to be surprised when i'm the only one who drinks it. some things are learned with experience i guess.

i've also been reading alot. i've always loved to read but there is something about the peaceful environment here, mixed with the chilly weather and torrential rains, that makes me just want to curl up with a good book. along with the books i'm reading for my classes and of course the Bible, i've also had time to start (and finish... thats rare for me) some really good books. at the moment, i'm reading wild by cheryl strayed and so far, so good! i'm also loving the fact that i'm not the only reader here. it seems like people are always reading something awesome and are excited to talk about it. i'm so blessed to be around these wonderful kindred spirits.
candid photo of my roommate drinking coffee and reading the cost of discipleship
Tasha said...

Two of my favorite things! Love reading and drinking tea! Although I have a 7th month old so I don't have as much free time to read, so I'm a little envious! Twinnings teas like earl grey and lady grey are delicious!

Also yummy flavored coffee is a good pick me up! Sounds like you're enjoying school! New Zealand looks gorgeous! : )

Anonymous said...

A fun combination; reading a great book and drinking a great brew. I like to do the same frequently. Enjoy

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