October 21, 2012

phillips island wildlife park

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after a crazy week of camp, our team stopped at phillips island wildlife park to see some of the local animals. it was so awesome to get up close and personal with these weird and wonderful animals. i'm still stoked that i got to pet and feed kangaroos! seriously i think they're my new favorite animal. so cute! another highlight was getting stalked by emu (i swear they are evil) and getting to pet a joey in its mom's pouch. these darling animals are yet another reason why i love australia!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Absolutely amazing! What a fun and rare experience you and the team had! Makes me want to visit Australia even more now! Great posting!

Anonymous said...

We dont have most of those animals in the UK where I live!! I don't even recognize some of them! Lovely keeping us updated XOXO

Anonymous said...

Don't even know what an emu is but I'll take your word they are evil!! Looks like great fun!

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