February 26, 2013

around campus: 2nd semester

 photo HSO_4784.jpg

i know i did a post like this last semester but here are a few pictures of new things i’ve found and places i’ve explored this semester. lately, i’ve been in love with one of the little islands on the lake near our dorms. there are goats and peacocks and chickens on the island but the silly ducks that run whenever i come near and seem to gather to make plans to avoid me are by far my favorite.

 photo HSO_4664.jpg
 photo HSO_4694.jpg
 photo HSO_4599.jpg
 photo HSO_4713.jpg
 photo HSO_4566.jpg
 photo HSO_4686_2.jpg
 photo HSO_4764.jpg
Anonymous said...

You get to go to school here? Lucky duck! :) Your photos are good!!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog and all the fun things you get to do! It's fun checking on your latest posts. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Your campus Is cool! Full of wildlife and out in the country! Keep up the sharing. We like to see it!

Anonymous said...

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