February 23, 2013

ccc camp

throughout the semester, we have the opportunity to help out with camps and retreats for local churches. this past weekend, i was part of a team that went to christchurch to help at their yearly family camp. the weekend was full of working in the kitchen, hanging out with the beyond adorable kids and utter exhaustion. it was a great weekend but i must admit it was also nice to come back to the ranch and get a good night sleep with a real pillow. oh the little luxuries we so easily take for granted. the highlight of the camp was a ‘hoedown’ we had the last night. from dressing up like cowboys (i was told i looked more like a horseback rider but close enough, right?) to accidentally exploding a huge bottle of ginger beer during the ginger beer taste tests, it was a night to remember and a great way to end such a memorable camp.

 photo HSO_4299.jpg
 photo HSO_4336.jpg
 photo HSO_4350.jpg
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 photo HSO_4424.jpg
 photo HSO_4491.jpg photo HSO_4490.jpg
{hayley vs the evil ginger beer bottle}

 photo HSO_4067.jpg
 photo HSO_4523-1.jpg
Anonymous said...

Ahahahahaha! So funny! What is ginger bear anyway? We don't have it in the southwest. The kiddos are so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Classic! Looks like a fun time was had by all! xxoo enjoy reading of your travels and adventures down under.

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