February 15, 2013

joans on third

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whenever i take friends to la, i always insist on paying a visit to joan's on third. my mom and i have even driven an hour and a half each way to grab lunch there. though its just a cafe, there is something about the ambiance that is really special. maybe its just special to me because i've had so many good laughs and memories there but joan's is definitely an la treasure. after a day at the los angeles gift show, my mom and i took a few friends there for dinner. the owner ended up coming out and meeting us and she was so sweet, which makes the places all the more lovely knowing such a kind and friendly lady is behind it. when i get home to california, joan's is definitely one of the first places i plan to go.

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{meeting joan}

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Anonymous said...

It DOES look charming! Cutely decorated too!

Anonymous said...

Special you got to meet the owner! She seems friendly and so nice! Lucky you! Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Is the food good? Need me a new place when I come to LA. I love LA. Like your pictures 2

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