February 17, 2013

little things

i’m back and posting! my internet situation here has improved ever so slightly and i’ve been busy as always with classes, baking (i’m assigned to 8 hours of baking a week for the school… basically i’m in heaven!), reading, getting to know the new students here, brushing up on my french with my roommate (who is french but lives in australia) and going on adventures. this weekend, i’m in christchurch on the south island of new zealand to help with a family camp (expect lots of pictures). this semester has been nice so far and i’m learning to love the lack of internet connectivity. it’s made me focus on things that really matter: spending time with friends, homework, reading my bible, and just living life. this semester, my goal is to learn to be content and to “enjoy the little things” as my new jewelry bowl sweetly reminds me daily. i’m going to start a series of posts every so often of little moments and things that make me smile and make life great. enjoy!

 photo DSC_0059-2.jpg
{some of the horses grazing on campus}

 photo HSO_3817-1.jpg
{room decorations that remind me of home}

 photo HSO_3793.jpg
{bowl for storing jewelry from kikki k}

 photo HSO_3724.jpg
{walks in the local redwood forest}

 photo HSO_3808.jpg
{lazy afternoons doing homework on my bed}
Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your upcoming posts! I always enjoy reading of your adventures! xoxo

Katrina said...

Hi Hayley! Wow, these photos are beautiful and the write-up that came with it is so honest and heartfelt. I'm loving your life right now! God bless you more and more this semester!

Much love from across the oceans,

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! I love reading your blog so much! Your photos are lovely too!

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