February 3, 2013

there and back again

70700029_zps9bf0e11e photo 70700029_zps9bf0e11e.jpg

as you read this, i am probably on a plane over the ocean on my way to new zealand to embark on my second semester of classes. so exciting! looking forward to meeting lots of new people, going new places and growing in my faith. here are a few pictures i took with my film camera around campus from last semester

ps: mad props to anyone who knows where this post title reference is from

70700027_zps342aa33e photo 70700027_zps342aa33e.jpg
70700014_zpsf064a808 photo 70700014_zpsf064a808.jpg
70700013_zps483bdaa3 photo 70700013_zps483bdaa3.jpg
70700011_zps3259e6a5 photo 70700011_zps3259e6a5.jpg
Lisette said...

nice pictures and bloglayout! It looks great!

Love, Lisette

Anonymous said...

Here and back again...could it be Daughtry?? Always enjoy your blog!

Katrina said...

Wow! Hope you're having a safe and pleasant flight! Excited to see more of your photos and read more of your stories!

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