March 4, 2013

girls day in tauranga

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this past weekend, we had a girls day to the beach in tauranga, which is a beach town about an hour away (past post here). we climbed up to the top of the mount on the beach and despite the millions of stairs and hot weather, the view at the top made it completely worth it. after, we grabbed lunch and smoothies, walked around the town, got some of the most amazing gelato i've ever had (who knew pineapple and blood orange were such a good combination?), tanned a bit and collected shells on the beach. one of my favorite feelings in the world is coming home after a long day at the beach exhausted and sunburnt, taking a shower and just chilling out. after we got back, we watched breakfast at tiffanys and had mexican food and proclaimed this one of our best weekends in new zealand yet

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I like that exhausted yet relaxed beach-day feeling too! Happy for you to be far away from home and relishing every experience!

Anonymous said...

Too too cold here for beach days. Looks fun though. Cheers xxoo

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