March 31, 2013

happy easter everyone!

 photo tumblr_m0hnapkMSH1qihz66o1_500.jpg

this is my first easter away from home but i'm in good hands spending my weekend in hawkes bay at the best friend kate's house. while i am missing my mom's amazing cooking and the fun we have at home, i'm looking forward to making some new easter traditions. hope you have a great day celebrating christ's resurrection! now excuse me while i go finish my peeps my mom sent from home.

//photo via pinterest//
Anonymous said...

It's so good you have your friend's house for Easter! I love peeps too. Pink are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Peeps are the best! I love them too!! It must be difficult to be so far away from home but you are doing it well!
I look forward to your coming posts :)

Anonymous said...

Love this photo!

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