March 26, 2013

waitangi marae

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while we were in waitangi, we went to a ceremonial welcoming at the marae which is a maori meeting house. before i went, i really didn't know much about the maori culture besides what i've seen around rotorua, which has a large concentration of natives. it was interesting to say the least and full of some really fun memories. like zach getting chosen to be our group's chief (and giving a hilarious speech) or singing and clapping along to some maori songs. some of their traditions are very unusual but i'm glad i finally got to learn about and have a better understanding of this very different culture.

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Anonymous said...

HOW INTERESTING! I want to learn all about them! Not so sure about the sticking out of the tongues! I am learing from your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Careful! The natives look restless! Do they speak New Zealand English? Love your posts!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure for you and all the students! A once in a life experience! I wish I could visit there. xoxoxo

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