April 29, 2013

donut time!

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its speakers week at my school which means lots and lots of baking! yay! i’ve been whipping up some of my old favorites like cinnamon rolls (which i really need to get around posting on here) and rolo cookies. but i really love this week because i get to try out new complicated recipes i’ve been saving all semester. for one of the morning sessions, i made grapefruit donuts from this recipe and move over cinnamon rolls because i have a new donut making obsession. who knew frying could be so much fun? i followed the recipe to the letter and i’m really happy with the results. next time, i want to try filling them with jelly or an espresso glaze… the possibilities are limitless! anyone have a good donut recipe or favorite flavors? please share!

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April 26, 2013

grateful for...

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1. rain, rain and more rain
2. color! especially red, yellow, burnt orange and turquoise
3. free wifi at cafe 88 in tauranga
4. oysters by the dozen
5. mere christianity by c.s. lewis
6. gluten free communion bread
7. bordeaux by essie on my toes
8. revisiting places with good memories
9. bubble baths
10. manuka honey
have a great weekend!
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April 24, 2013

when in rome... watch rugby

a few weeks back, i went to another rugby game with my school (post on my last rugby game here). our team, the hamilton chiefs, lost but it was still a really exciting game. we had a blast painting our faces red, black and gold, cheering really loud at all the wrong times and munching on snow cones. at the end of the game, there was a beautiful sunset which just makes everything a hundred times better, right?

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 photo HSO_7215.jpg
 photo bb59c238-5c9d-495a-80a3-9345b1b92099.jpg
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April 22, 2013

mister d's

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lunch at mister d’s was probably the highlight of my trip to hawkes bay. we decided to splurge and go to a nice restaurant while we were in napier and i'm so glad we did because this was one of my favorite meals to date. there were a few moments of silence after our food arrived as we dove into our meals… it was that good! but their homemade donuts really took the cake! the donuts come fresh out of the fryer and they bring out syringes of different fillings to fill your own donut. though i’m allergic to gluten, the stomach ache that followed was no comparison to this amazing concoction. so if you’re ever in napier, make sure to ask for the donuts at mister d’s… they aren’t on the menu which makes them all the more special.

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April 20, 2013

hawkes bay highlights

over easter, i spent the weekend at my friend kate’s house in hawkes bay with a few friends. i went there last semester (post here, here, here and here) and it is such a beautiful area of new zealand. this trip, we mostly just chilled out and caught up on homework so my camera wasn’t out much but here are some of the highlights of the trip

 photo amazingfoodatkates.jpg
 photo HSO_7018.jpg
{amazing, healthy homemade food}

 photo 5c959ab4-e6c0-47b7-b451-c05ca83a2f98.jpg
{exploring napier}

 photo myfavoriteglutenfreeveggieburgerinthewholeworld.jpg
 photo HSO_7104.jpg
{best gluten free, vegan burger in the whole wide world… burger fuel, come to america}

 photo theskywasbeautiful.jpg
 photo HSO_7034.jpg
{the sky put on a show for us on our drive home}

April 18, 2013


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 photo HSO_6774.jpg
i’ve been so blessed this semester with such amazing, thoughtful, loyal, hilarious, inspirational friends who i just ADORE. i found these pics from the last day of outreach and they made me smile.

 photo 7a540c2d-7162-4699-a951-6fa5fc6b6d38.jpg
in other news, me and christina found some rocks by the beach and decided to a little yoga session. we’re so dorky but thats ok because thats what friends are for, right?

April 15, 2013

by the shore

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after a day of painting, we decided to go down to the beach about an hour away from where we were staying. the road was windy and full of hairpin turns (and car sickness) but the beach was well worth it in the end. there was no one on the whole beach but us and it was so calm and relaxing. i’m usually not the biggest fan of the beach but this beach filled every requirement on the ‘perfect beach checklist’: no people, overcast, pebbles instead of sand, good water temperature and beautiful scenery. not your typical beach stipulations, huh? the only downside was my friend jarryd getting a concussion after jumping off a nearby bridge (you can see the start of his flip if you look really close in the second pic). he was ok but his asking ‘where are we?’ and ‘what just happened?’ every five minutes really gave us all a fright. no more bridge jumping for us.

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 photo HSO_6550.jpg
 photo HSO_6496.jpg

April 12, 2013

the stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun

 photo 4fb0f24a1f.jpg

on our first day in whangerai, we went to a look out over the whole city. the sky was beyond beautiful and you probably can't tell from the pictures but the stars were out and looked like diamonds against the dark clouds (anyone catch the killers lyrics reference in the title?). it reminded me of the beautiful sky on my road trip to hawkes bay last year (post here). as you can probably tell from the name of my blog, i love me a good sunrise or sunset and this one was no exception.

 photo HSO_5558.jpg
 photo 06a9e66a-1780-40e3-a63f-a0c703aa266d.jpg
 photo HSO_5552.jpg

April 10, 2013


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since i was a kid myself, i've been helping out with the sunday school at the various churches and camps i've attended. a few people from my outreach team helped with the kids group at calvary chapel whangerai (mad props to christina and kate for planning a lesson five minutes before service started) and i was lucky enough to be on picture duty for my schools website and i couldn't help but share some of the pictures here. i love kids to begin with but i can think of few things cuter than these darling kids with their adorable new zealand accents. gets me everytime.

 photo HSO_6320_2.jpg
 photo HSO_6327.jpg
 photo HSO_6311.jpg
 photo HSO_6331.jpg
 photo HSO_6268.jpg
 photo 4bca0121-96de-41bd-a116-7eae241fd846.jpg
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 photo HSO_6277.jpg
 photo HSO_6339.jpg
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