April 15, 2013

by the shore

 photo HSO_6558.jpg

after a day of painting, we decided to go down to the beach about an hour away from where we were staying. the road was windy and full of hairpin turns (and car sickness) but the beach was well worth it in the end. there was no one on the whole beach but us and it was so calm and relaxing. i’m usually not the biggest fan of the beach but this beach filled every requirement on the ‘perfect beach checklist’: no people, overcast, pebbles instead of sand, good water temperature and beautiful scenery. not your typical beach stipulations, huh? the only downside was my friend jarryd getting a concussion after jumping off a nearby bridge (you can see the start of his flip if you look really close in the second pic). he was ok but his asking ‘where are we?’ and ‘what just happened?’ every five minutes really gave us all a fright. no more bridge jumping for us.

 photo HSO_6525.jpg
 photo HSO_6550.jpg
 photo HSO_6496.jpg
Anonymous said...

Glad your friend Jarryd is ok! Such a scare I'm sure! looks to be a cute town too! Have loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

Cutest sandals! Cute pics! Cute life!

Anonymous said...

New Zealand beaches are so pretty! I'm glad to see all your pics! Our beaches are never sunny so I would love a sunny beach day!

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