April 3, 2013

color my life

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the main reason we went to whangerai for outreach was to help paint a building in the local community center. i have never painted before but it was such a blast. we painted every side of the outside of the building a different color (my favorite was, of course, the yellow) and we painted the inside white with a blue ceiling. it was great team building (i was blessed with the best, most hilarious team ever) and even when it got hot and tedious, there is nothing blasting mamma mia and a few laughs couldn't fix. i sure do love these people.

 photo HSO_5587.jpg
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these belle and sabastion lyrics just seemed fitting. the painting was anything but chaos and trouble
Anonymous said...

Lovely colours! I'm sure it looked beautiful when completed. Looks like fun too! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How fun! Love the colors! Your blog is always colorful :)))

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