April 8, 2013

dinner party

 photo HSO_6610.jpg

our last night in whangerai, the family whose house we were staying at prepared a homegrown feast for our group. it reminded me of a kinfolk dinner party complete with great food, great company and a beautiful setting. our host prepared a lamb raised on their farm (i'm a vegetarian so i didn't eat it but i could still appreciate the work that went into it) and lots of fresh vegetables from their garden (the purple potatoes were my favorite). we ate out on their porch and it was such a beautiful and perfect night. someday, i dream of having a farm so i can host magical dinner parties like this.

 photo HSO_6581.jpg
 photo f4c164a1-8460-47fd-81f2-7aa4a5eee0fb.jpg
 photo HSO_6598.jpg
 photo 7d21b50e-1caa-4233-a37e-fc0b068ef763.jpg
Anonymous said...

Your photos do look like a Kinfolk spread! You captured the atmosphere wonderfully! Nicely done

Anonymous said...

It does have a Kinfolk vibe. The pictures tell the story.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect setting with lovely people! I like the way you enjoy everything to the fullest and are having such a rich experience xxoo

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pics! Does look Kinfolk!!

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