April 29, 2013

donut time!

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its speakers week at my school which means lots and lots of baking! yay! i’ve been whipping up some of my old favorites like cinnamon rolls (which i really need to get around posting on here) and rolo cookies. but i really love this week because i get to try out new complicated recipes i’ve been saving all semester. for one of the morning sessions, i made grapefruit donuts from this recipe and move over cinnamon rolls because i have a new donut making obsession. who knew frying could be so much fun? i followed the recipe to the letter and i’m really happy with the results. next time, i want to try filling them with jelly or an espresso glaze… the possibilities are limitless! anyone have a good donut recipe or favorite flavors? please share!

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Anonymous said...

You made these yourself? They look store-bought! This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! This must have taken all day and I'm sure it smelled heavenly in the kitchen! I could & would never attempt that! Out of fear they would end up in the rubbish bin!

Anonymous said...

no way! you made these? they are gorg! how about filling them with nutella?

Anonymous said...

Maple glaze, please! These look wonderful. Thomas Keller, look out!

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