April 26, 2013

grateful for...

 photo 5242c14a-74e8-4620-a7ff-f2f365b4efb4.jpg

1. rain, rain and more rain
2. color! especially red, yellow, burnt orange and turquoise
3. free wifi at cafe 88 in tauranga
4. oysters by the dozen
5. mere christianity by c.s. lewis
6. gluten free communion bread
7. bordeaux by essie on my toes
8. revisiting places with good memories
9. bubble baths
10. manuka honey
have a great weekend!
//photo from pinterest//
Anonymous said...

Like your happy list :))

Anonymous said...

Gluten free communion bread! Haha! But don't know about the oysters! Aren't you supposed to swallow those guys whole and without chewing?

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