April 12, 2013

the stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun

 photo 4fb0f24a1f.jpg

on our first day in whangerai, we went to a look out over the whole city. the sky was beyond beautiful and you probably can't tell from the pictures but the stars were out and looked like diamonds against the dark clouds (anyone catch the killers lyrics reference in the title?). it reminded me of the beautiful sky on my road trip to hawkes bay last year (post here). as you can probably tell from the name of my blog, i love me a good sunrise or sunset and this one was no exception.

 photo HSO_5558.jpg
 photo 06a9e66a-1780-40e3-a63f-a0c703aa266d.jpg
 photo HSO_5552.jpg
Anonymous said...

The lights of the buildings look like diamonds too! Pretty! I like this posting!

Anonymous said...

Is this song, "If You Could Read My Mind"? Nice photos!

Kat said...


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