April 24, 2013

when in rome... watch rugby

a few weeks back, i went to another rugby game with my school (post on my last rugby game here). our team, the hamilton chiefs, lost but it was still a really exciting game. we had a blast painting our faces red, black and gold, cheering really loud at all the wrong times and munching on snow cones. at the end of the game, there was a beautiful sunset which just makes everything a hundred times better, right?

 photo 836d821a-524c-4059-8700-65936d53cd23.jpg
 photo HSO_7224.jpg
 photo HSO_7215.jpg
 photo bb59c238-5c9d-495a-80a3-9345b1b92099.jpg
 photo HSO_7230.jpg
 photo HSO_7261.jpg
Anonymous said...

How fun! Haha! Cheering at the wrong times is what I do all the time! Cute post!

Anonymous said...

We don't even have rugby. I wouldn't understand it either :)))

Anonymous said...

The sno cones almost match too :))

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