May 18, 2013

grateful for...

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hey guys! as you read this, i am probably on a flight home to california. it's been a swell semester and while i'm going to miss my friends and this beautiful country more than i can express with words, i'm excited to be home with my friends and family and back into the swing of 'normal' life. but in the mean time, here are a few  things I am most grateful for during my time in new zealand.

1. church on the beach
2. cafe 88 and george cafe in tauranga
3. walks around campus at golden hour
4. my job baking treats for everyone every week
5. wellington, my favorite city in new zealand
6. late night conversations with friends
7. learning new zealand's beautiful national anthem
8. my weekly grocery scavenger hunts shopping trips
9. glassons and cotton on
10. getting to drive on the opposite side of the road

have a great weekend
//photo taken by me in tauranga//

May 16, 2013

grad dinner

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at my college, graduation dinner is a bit like prom. everyone gets dressed up, goes out to a local restaurant and has a blast. i don't think i have ever laughed more than this night. we have all gotten so close and i can honestly say this has been one of the best seasons of my life thus far. these people are some of the funniest, sweetest, most caring, most encouraging people i've ever met. it's so sad to be moving on but i'm so excited for all of our futures. luckily, a few of us live in california so we'll hopefully be seeing a lot of each other but its pretty hard to comprehend that we won't be together as a school again. though i'm moving on to other things (update soon), i'll always look back on my time in new zealand fondly. God is good

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{hair props to sarah}

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love these people!

May 12, 2013

mother's day

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my mom is my best friend and my favorite person ever! really! i'm so blessed to have her in my life! i love this picture right before one of my first ballet shows because it shows both how gorgeous my mom was (she still is!) and how supportive she always has been of me! from dance to school to traveling, my mom is always been behind me 100% and i'm so appreciative of both her support and love! someday, i hope i can be an awesome momma like her!
happy mother's day mom! 
you're the best

May 10, 2013

la cafe de paris

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i love all things french so this little french cafe by the church was a real find! their gluten free pancakes were surprisingly good (but isn't everything with nutella good?) and it was a great time of fun and fellowship with some of my favorite ladies. i sure love saturdays!

May 7, 2013

an ode to capers iced coffee

whenever we go into town, we usually end up going to capers at some point for the best iced coffees i have ever tasted. the cafe has other good drinks and good (but overpriced) foods but their iced coffees just can't be beat. so maybe i did just write a whole post on iced coffees but this is my blog so i can post whatever dorky stuff i want... right? btw how pretty are my friends? love them!

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May 5, 2013


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yesterday while helping my friend christina make a blog (yay), i got the itch to change my blog around again. i was getting tired of the green and i wanted something a bit more whimsical so when i stumbled on this template, i knew it was 'the one'. fast forward one really late night and a whole bunch of html tweaks later and its finally almost done. so please excuse the minor hiccups that i'm still trying to work out and welcome to the new design

May 4, 2013

fall(ing) in (love with) new zealand

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my favorite season yet here in new zealand is fall. autumn is a wonderful season to begin with but in new zealand, it seems amplified. the leaves turning shades of reds and oranges reminds me of my time in ohio and my first few months there when the leaves were turning and the air was crisp. my way to unwind here is to take walks, either with friends or alone, through the countryside right before the sun sets. in summer, it was a necessity to walk at dusk because of the heat but lately, it's been more of a luxury to take a break from my busy schedule to get away and watch the sun illuminate the colored leaves and turn the bright green hills golden. here are a few snapshots I took on a recent sunset stroll

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May 1, 2013

oso and ellie

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i’m a dog person but i fell in love with these stray cats we found abandoned in the woods near our school. they were freezing and mangy when some of the girls heard them crying so they saved them. we named the black one oso because he looked like a bear and the other one elijah wood (ellie for short) because the girl who found her is obsessed with elijah wood and the kitty had blue eyes like him. silly heidi. word to the wise: don’t name animals you can’t keep. the kitties stayed in our laundry room until we could find somewhere to place them because life is sad and they don’t allow animals here. wa wa wa. but the good news is we found a home for them and a momma cat to take care of them so they’re in good hands but before we left, we couldn’t help but have a little photoshoot with the cuties. we’ll always remember you oso and ellie!

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