May 4, 2013

fall(ing) in (love with) new zealand

 photo HSO_7492.jpg

my favorite season yet here in new zealand is fall. autumn is a wonderful season to begin with but in new zealand, it seems amplified. the leaves turning shades of reds and oranges reminds me of my time in ohio and my first few months there when the leaves were turning and the air was crisp. my way to unwind here is to take walks, either with friends or alone, through the countryside right before the sun sets. in summer, it was a necessity to walk at dusk because of the heat but lately, it's been more of a luxury to take a break from my busy schedule to get away and watch the sun illuminate the colored leaves and turn the bright green hills golden. here are a few snapshots I took on a recent sunset stroll

 photo 354960da-4339-4127-bd03-c4952924e4ea.jpg
 photo HSO_7539.jpg
 photo HSO_7488.jpg
 photo HSO_7533.jpg
Anonymous said...

Exquisite and stunning! Beautiful photos and captured nicely. Fall is my fav time too :)

Anonymous said...

Those mushroom don't even look real! Fun pictures

Anonymous said...

Nice deep colours for your fall photos. Lovely xoxo

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