May 16, 2013

grad dinner

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at my college, graduation dinner is a bit like prom. everyone gets dressed up, goes out to a local restaurant and has a blast. i don't think i have ever laughed more than this night. we have all gotten so close and i can honestly say this has been one of the best seasons of my life thus far. these people are some of the funniest, sweetest, most caring, most encouraging people i've ever met. it's so sad to be moving on but i'm so excited for all of our futures. luckily, a few of us live in california so we'll hopefully be seeing a lot of each other but its pretty hard to comprehend that we won't be together as a school again. though i'm moving on to other things (update soon), i'll always look back on my time in new zealand fondly. God is good

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{hair props to sarah}

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love these people!
Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely photos! It's nice to see you make the most of every situation and have fun wherever you may find yourself! God has been good to you this year xoxo

Anonymous said...

All of you look happy! New Zealand must be a happy place to spend time! It's on my go-to list now :))

Anonymous said...

Did you graduate? Or did others? Looks like a fun group!!

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