May 1, 2013

oso and ellie

 photo HSO_7373.jpg

i’m a dog person but i fell in love with these stray cats we found abandoned in the woods near our school. they were freezing and mangy when some of the girls heard them crying so they saved them. we named the black one oso because he looked like a bear and the other one elijah wood (ellie for short) because the girl who found her is obsessed with elijah wood and the kitty had blue eyes like him. silly heidi. word to the wise: don’t name animals you can’t keep. the kitties stayed in our laundry room until we could find somewhere to place them because life is sad and they don’t allow animals here. wa wa wa. but the good news is we found a home for them and a momma cat to take care of them so they’re in good hands but before we left, we couldn’t help but have a little photoshoot with the cuties. we’ll always remember you oso and ellie!

 photo HSO_7419.jpg
 photo 9e48d214-b1a2-4c29-b82f-acf8fd5ad3d0.jpg
 photo HSO_7403.jpg
 photo ea299feb-d8fa-4613-a5b7-562d7a6cab19.jpg
 photo HSO_7387.jpg
 photo HSO_7422.jpg
Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I'm dying! I want one!! I hope they're happy with their new momma!

Anonymous said...

Cuteness! What happened to their real mommy? It's sad but with a happy ending! (I like your photography!)

Anonymous said...

they still look a little freaked out...all that scariness in the forest :( I hope you can stay in touch with their new owners and see pics of them all grown up :)

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