June 1, 2013


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happy june everyone! this is the best month of the year but i might be a little biased ;) after an unintentional blog hiatus, i'm finally back! being home has been so nice and such a change of pace from life in new zealand! honestly, i've been doing a whole lot of nothing: just relaxing, catching up on some of my favorite tv shows (revenge and modern family), reading some great books and unpacking and its been glorious... well besides the unpacking part. i feel like i've been home months instead of 2 weeks. goodness time flies. besides all the 'nothingness' i've been doing, i got to see one of my favorite bands, daughter, perform at the troubadour and it was such a wonderful performance, saw one of my besties graduate (congrats christina!), had some fun adventures in la, eaten a lot of fruit, drank a lot of green smoothies and taken lots of beautiful walks by the beach. so far, this summer has been so good. summer, i like you. stay a while
Anonymous said...

I love your life. Can i have it? Glad youre taking it easy sweetie

Anonymous said...

Is that your room? Very pretty. Love the Audrey and the welcome home bunting. Glad your home safe and sound xxoo

Anonymous said...

...and a beautiful life it is :))

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