June 30, 2013

new zealand polaroids part I

 photo 8f1a8ccd-cea9-471d-abca-740cb7f2ce2a.jpg
 photo a67e88c8-2138-4ef6-93e0-4611a036d52a.jpg
 photo 11b25e01-af16-4c09-adf6-921272d8bb6c.jpg
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 photo f3790afc-bed9-49da-87b7-6dbfba06ee75.jpg
 photo 7ea60fb2-8be5-4d27-820e-be2df44ebdbc.jpg
 photo e88643d7-43f5-4395-a681-90bff868fce6.jpg

i finally found the time to scan in some of the polaroids i took in new zealand this past semester. one of my biggest regrets first semester was not bringing my polaroid camera so i made sure it tagged along with me when i went back again. as i looked through the pictures i had captured, all the amazing memories from the semester came rushing back. these are a few of my favorite polaroids that i will cherish forever.

1. lunching at mister d's// 2. the tauranga shoreline// 3. my bedroom second semester// 4. the most lovely sunset i've ever seen// 5. boats in russell// 6. graduation dinner, one of the best nights of my life// 7. on the rotorua tarmac once last time
Anonymous said...

I love love love my old Polaroid! Can't find the film easily but when i do i cherish it. Nicely captured.

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