June 27, 2013

seventh tea

 photo HSO_3107.jpg

one of the odd things about going away is coming back to things completely different than how you left. new places open, favorite places close, new buildings are built and the old is torn down. its such a weird concept that life goes on even when i'm on the other side of the world but that's life! i love re-discovering the place i've lived all my life with new awe and wonder. one place that i'm just now discovering is seventh tea at the oc mix mart. it's owned by the same people who opened portola, which is in my opinion the best coffee in orange county so even before i tried it, i knew this place would be quality. i love the concept of tea on tap and my iced oolong was great! all i can say is i know where i'll be spending my time this summer

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 photo 6.jpg
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Anonymous said...

Lovely sunny yello colour. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

That scone looks scrumptious! Nice photos.

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