July 10, 2013

abbot kinney

 photo HSO_8195copy.jpg
 photo HSO_8198copy.jpg
 photo HSO_8200copy.jpg
 photo HSO_8187copy.jpg
 photo HSO_8186.jpg

abbot kinney has been one of my favorite streets in los angeles since my days dancing at yuri grigoriev school of russian ballet in venice beach. that was back when the pinkberry had just opened which has since closed (r.i.p.)... ah the good old days! now, my go-to places on abbot kinney are firefly, urbanic paper boutiquegjelina's for lunch (post to come) and lemonade for snacks and drinks (which is coming to fashion island soon... yay!).
Anonymous said...

You find the best places! Those are on my list for my road trip :))

Anonymous said...

I took ballet too...when I was 5 then I quit because it got too hard! I have a huge amount of respect for ballet dancers.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures make me wa t to go!

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