July 22, 2013


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my best friend ellie and i have a bible study through the book of james every week at a different coffee shop. we alternate who choses which coffee shop and we attempt to surprise each other but i have a knack for guessing ellie's choices. this past week, ellie choose le pain quotidien at fashion island (still proud of guessing this one) and though i've been there many times for lunch or coffee, it is especially wonderful for breakfast. the scrambled tofu was a great vegan option and the soy belgian chocolate was par excellence! i'm so greatful for friends who are up for anything! ellie, just wait for my next coffee shop pick ;)

 photo 44180011.jpg
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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I'm gonna do that with my friend! The food does look good there!

Anonymous said...

Like the spider web on the coffee! Nicely done xxoo

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