July 29, 2013


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along with carmel, cambria is another place we try to visit yearly on our trips up north. it is so cute and quaint and has some adorable shops and restaurants. two of my favorite restaurants in cambria are robin's and linn's, which are both on the east side of town. robin's, which i've already posted about here, is so delicious and there are quite a few vegan, gluten free options which is obviously a huge plus for me. their curries are my go to option and all the ones we've ordered are better than most thai restaurants i've been to. definite two thumbs up. at linn's, on the other hand, finding things i could eat was a bit more of a challenge (darn food allergies) but it still ended up being a really nice meal. a few years ago, there was a fire that destroyed the restaurant but the new, redone restaurant is really nice, homey feel to it. looking forward to my next stop in this adorable little town

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Anonymous said...

Do you road trip EVERY WEEK? You get to visit this coolest places! Luck-ducky! So very happy for you and your upcoming European adventure :)))

Elizabeth Walker said...

Your photos make me want to go everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this jewel of a town?? A throwback to yesteryear!

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