July 24, 2013

chez moi

 photo HSO_8528.jpg
 photo HSO_8439.jpg
 photo HSO_8530.jpg
 photo HSO_8427.jpg
 photo HSO_8554.jpg
 photo HSO_8436.jpg
 photo HSO_8543.jpg

lately, i've been appreciating my time spent at home more and more. i think lazy days are what summer is all about! one of my favorite ways to pass the day is to lose track of time reading in the garden or doing yoga in my backyard yoga room. i'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and summers like this make me never want to leave.
Anonymous said...

They say theres no place like home :)) pretty pics xxoo

Anonymous said...

Picture perfect! Love the painting. Is is acrylic or oil?

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing! So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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