July 13, 2013

lunch at gjelinas

 photo HSO_8179.jpg
 photo HSO_8174.jpg
 photo HSO_8180copy.jpg
 photo HSO_8181.jpg

you know those meals that you talk about for months after and you daydream about whenever you're hungry? this was one of those meals! i've been hearing people rave about gjelina's for months but i never thought it would live up to, yet alone exceed, its reputation. it was truly one of the best meals of my life. i never thought fennel and brussel sprouts could be so luxurious but they were fabulous, as was everything else at the table (or so i heard). the desserts were also amazing and we ate them so fast, i unfortunately didn't get any pictures! i'm happy to say that the wonderful cupcakes and cashmere has a recipe for a replica of one of the desserts we got here. already looking forward to eating here again!
Anonymous said...

Nice! Your chips look cooked up just right! Love! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Pretty pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photography.

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