July 7, 2013

new zealand polaroids part II

 photo db3051af-a0fc-459a-8731-c4df00849821.jpg
 photo 89159603-c6e0-42fb-8e5c-47ba07317e96.jpg
 photo bcf80e03-3c0d-4d46-9ec6-047cb4852aa7.jpg
 photo 06a3610b-797a-4ec6-8728-0a45be8b36c8.jpg
 photo 82df9cc8-6b83-47f8-91bf-6ced67d09a38.jpg
 photo 14b53113-31c2-40bd-b7d9-605541ae4a66.jpg

every once in a while on my walks around campus, i would bring along my pola if it was an especially pretty day. wherever i see these pictures on my wall, i am constantly reminded of how blessed i was to live in such a beautiful place. i think the first picture perfectly sums up new zealand: rustic and green with a limitless, sprawling sky. God bless new zealand
Anonymous said...

Pretty! You wre blessed!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna go there so bad!! Too pretty to miss! Like your new blog design mucho!

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