July 31, 2013

the garden shed

along with cute restaurants, cambria also has many great shops! my favorites are the cute little garden shops that seem so numerous for a town so small. the garden shed in midtown is a great place to wander and look around for creative gardening ideas. i especially love their succulent garden in the back filled with vintage signs and colorful pots. someday i will have a yard filled with succulents and flowers and fairy lights but until then, the garden shed will suffice.

 photo 444.jpg
 photo HSO_9498.jpg
 photo HSO_9485.jpg
 photo HSO_9484.jpg
 photo HSO_9507.jpg
 photo 333.jpg
 photo HSO_9534.jpg
 photo HSO_9552.jpg
 photo 555.jpg
Anonymous said...

Looks like they have a little bit of everything! I wanna go there too! :)) so many cut places

Anonymous said...

Magical! I want fairy lights and succulents too!

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