August 17, 2013


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acai bowls are my newest obsession. i've liked them for a while but since becoming a gluten-free vegan, they have become my go-to meal while out. so when i found out birdie, a cafe by the same people who opened milk+honey, was opening at the mix mart, i was overjoyed. now i had a great place to get lunch (or breakfast. or dinner. or snack) with my portola coffee. that's the best part about acai bowls; they're good for any meal! after my mom and i spoke on a panel for the women's study at my church, we decided to have a girl date and get birdie bowls and lattes with another mother and daughter from our church. it was a fun time with great food and tons of laughs. my mom is so awesome and i'm really cherishing my time with her while i'm at home
Anonymous said...

Awe! Mother-daughter time is very presh! Such lovely pics and the fruit bowl and lattes look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious! What is in an açai bowl besides fruit? Regardless, you make me want to try it.

Kara said...

This looks so good! I'm trying to find a good recipe to make these at home. Also, I'm a gluten free vegan, too! What a coincidence. I love hearing about other people's healthy food.

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