August 21, 2013

grateful for birthdays

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cafe graditude is hands down my favorite casual cafe in los angeles. for ellie's birthday, we went to the location in venice which is much more casual and beachy than the larchmont restaurant. the food was, as usual, amazing and yummy and i love all the raw options on the menu. but the real star of the meal was the dessert! we had a raw fruit cobbler which i must have said 100 times "this is the best dessert i've ever had". it was that good! i'm going to try to find a recipe that comes close and if i succeed, i'll share it here. deal? but i think part of what made it so good was that when the waitress brought it out, the whole restaurant started singing a really cute and quirky version of happy birthday and it was just such a happy moment. now all we need is a cafe graditude in orange county and life will be made.
Anonymous said...

Deal! Please share if you find a recipe. It looks delicious! Your photos are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures :))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You gals are lovely xxoo

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