August 13, 2013


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as part of our weekly bible study meet up, ellie and i went to intelligentsia on abbot kinney. i've been here a few times before but never stayed long enough to appreciate what a gem this location is. it has such a different vibe from the intelligentsia in silver lake (which i posted about here) which is more slick and less chill. going to this location is a nice change of pace and after a lot of patience, we finally scored spots on the balcony bar overlooking the whole shop. we people watched (since we had the perfect spots) and wrote and drew and laughed and of course had amazing coffee. i always love intelligentsia's coffee (especially their iced lattes on a hot day) but i do wish they had hemp milk instead of soy and honey instead of simple syrup but i guess i'm just too picky lol. overall, i think i like this location just as much, if not more, than the silver lake location. i think i found myself a new favorite spot.
Anonymous said...

I'm a believer too! What Bible study are you doing? That is a good idea for fellowship.

Anonymous said...

I like a good coffee too. Fun summer stuff :))

Anonymous said...

Hemp milk?? Now that's a new one! Wana try it and this interesting lookin place for coffees xxoo

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