August 7, 2013

it's always a...

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today is my best friend casey's 21st birthday! we've been through thick and thin together and have had so many fun times like exploring europe, staying out late on lakes in austria, open mic nights, heart to heart coffee dates and late night donut stops! she's one of those people that makes life a party and her 21st bday party a few weeks back was no exception. it was a great gatsby themed party based on the movie (which i actually saw with her at midnight on my birthday a few months back). the party was a blast and i was so glad i could help with some of the decorations and snapping pics all night. it surely was a night to remember. happy birthday casey! here's to many more fun times and great memories
Anonymous said...

What a great idea! This looks like it was FUN! Pretty costumes!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Nice shots too!

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