August 5, 2013

los olivos

 photo HSO_9699.jpg

los olivos is a darling little town in what seems like the middle of nowhere. we usually stop here on the way to or from a road trip to northern cali and i always look forward to these stops. when we used to visit,  especially after the recession, the town was quiet and almost like a ghost town but things have since picked up and now it is a wine tasting destination. though i can't drink yet (10 months and counting), it is still a cute town to explore. there is an adorable garden store that has been there since i was a kid that i have fond memories of. the cute little cafe and park right off the town square are good stops too and since i last visited, there are a few more quaint shops and artsy boutiques that have popped up along the main road. someday, i want to stay here for a few nights to really get a feel for the town but for now, a quick afternoon visit does just the trick.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a little town in the mid-western part of America instead of the mid-western part of Cali. Nice pics too

Anonymous said...

That trailer is exactly what's on my wish list! So cute and love the colour! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Looks lil town. You have alot of fun when you travel! Love that about your blog :)

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