August 2, 2013

morro bay

 photo HSO_9410.jpg

one word that would describe morro bay would be colorful! there was color everywhere you looked which made the town so cheery. i also loved the quirky little shops like old fashioned record stores, bright bead shops and hippy health food markets. i went to morro bay years ago but this time, we stayed away from the tourist traps on the water front and ventured into the downtown which was much more my style.

 photo HSO_9326.jpg
 photo HSO_9375.jpg
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 photo HSO_9315.jpg
 photo 11.jpg
 photo HSO_9394.jpg
 photo HSO_9370.jpg
Anonymous said...

Cute town. Did you get to try the tacos at taco temple?? :)

Anonymous said...

So much colour! Even the plants are colourful! Nice photographs xxoo

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