August 9, 2013

sally loos

 photo HSO_9682.jpg

on our way home from our road trip up north, we stopped at sally loos in san luis obispo. my dad went to cal poly in slo so we spent the day exploring the town and the college and seeing where my dad spent his college years. after looking at taylor kitto's instagram (she's from slo), i decided i needed to try sally loos from her endearing pictures. i love the cozy feel of sally loos and it reminded me of some of my favorite hang outs back home like alta and gypsy den. once i saw they had intelligentsia coffee and acai bowls on the menu, i was sold! the acai bowl was fruit filled and as good as any acai bowl i've ever had and of course the coffee was amazing. sally loo's makes me wish i followed in my dad's footsteps and went to slo. if only they had my major...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a cute little spot! The granola and fruit yummy. Where is this little gem?

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