September 25, 2013

bonjour from nice!

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guess what? i'm finally posting! surprise! this will be my last post before closing my blog so if you want to continue to read, comment here or shoot me an email at (thanks to you who already have!). but i'm here! i've arrived! goodness this past week has been a whirlwind! getting here was quite the challenge. delayed flights, almost missed connections, lost baggage. sounds like a "worst case scenario while flying" list but i made it and i'm loving it here! it is beyond beautiful in nice. that's probably why its called 'nice'. ha. i've been exploring the city lately which is a huge deal because i usually hate going anywhere alone but it's been good to see the places i want to go and to get some very important things done. like buying yoga mats and reading for hours in coffee shops and discovering how to order soy lattes in french. see? obviously really important things. but i have been picking up the language more and more and living with a woman who speaks hardly any english is definitely helping. i'm SO excited to start language classes and get on an actual schedule. while meandering the city is nice, everything is better when you do it with purpose. i've been scoping out coffee shops to do homework at and stationary stores to get school supplies at (though i've yet to find one like kikki k.) and i have quite a few things planned for the weekend. above are some of the things i've been seeing and experiencing lately. is it pretty here or what? i know i already said that but its worth saying again. if you want to follow my adventures, follow me on instagram at indiansummer6. i changed my instagram because i was hardly using the other (its a wonder why i ever had two to begin with) and wanted a more private space to post. so au revior for now and i'll be sure to update here on a more regular basis. pinky promise.

September 19, 2013

goodbye california, bonjour france!

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today is the day! after what seems like the longest summer of my life, i'm finally on my way to france. i'm not sure how regularly i'll be blogging but if you want regular updates, check my instagram or my twitter.

September 16, 2013

going private

hey everyone! sorry for my extended blog leave! these past weeks have been crazy as i prepare to leave for france. we also had a health scare in the family (thank the Lord everything is fine now) and my external hard drive with my whole photo library broke once again but that is also all cleared up. after some time away from my blog, i've realized that due to my upcoming move to France and some recent privacy concerns, I'm making this blog private once i arrive in France. the internet can be a freaky place and just for precautions, i'm going private for the time being. maybe when I come back from France or once I get settled in, I might reopen it but for now, i believe this is for the best. if you want to be included on the reading list and keep reading about my adventures, please email me at or comment back your email address! thanks for understanding and hope to see you all around

September 2, 2013

grateful for...

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1. getting my visa for france (!!!)
2. homemade lemonade popsicle from my zoku
3. iced coffee after walks on balboa island
4. glorious new music pouring out of my record player
5. red lipstick that cheers up any outfit
6. fans on swelteringly hot days
7. afternoons of exploring in big sur
8. dairy free flavors at yogurtland
9. getting together with some of my new zealand girlies
10. inspiring documentaries like this one

what are you grateful for?
photo of me taken in big sur
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